1. Newfoundland (proposed), 1974 (top), 1979 (bottom)

    Newfoundland was one of the first provinces in Canada to have a flag. Only problem was, that flag was the Union Jack. For years this put them in a weird flag limbo. Most mainlanders had no idea that the Union Jack was also Newfoundland’s flag specifically, and even those that did they didn’t always fly it alongside the others.

    So it had to change, especially after all the other provinces got flags of their own. But what to? The pink-white-green Newfounland tricolour would have been a good choice, but not everyone wanted to get rid of the British flag entirely. So a lot of the proposals ended up being British ensigns.

    In 1974, the provincial government tried to introduce a white ensign but it was met with widespread opposition. Five years later, the government solicited designs from the public, one of which was a blue ensign with two white triangles in the shape of Labrador and Newfoundland. 

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    YOU’RE RIGHT. I keep forgetting these things. I still like the blue one with the triangles though.
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    But our flag is still a Union Jack. Just chopped up with a yellow thing on it.
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