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  2. Salesópolis, since 1952

    Hoo boy, are you ready for this? Green for forests and meadows, yellow for wealth, white for peace and harmony, red for blood spilled in defense of democratic principles, blue for hospitality. The 26 stars on the white band represent the neighbourhoods of the city, the gold star represents the state of São Paulo, and the map of Brazil represents “feelings of Brazilianness”.

    You know, sometimes simpler is better.

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    Rocinha Favela de Paulo Ito (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 2014)

  4. There were a couple of countries at World Pride this year.

  5. Ilha Comprida

    Sounds nice and exotic until you realize it just means “Long Island”. Dig that colour scheme though.

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  7. Bady Bassitt, since 2011

    This adorably named Brazilian town has an adorable flag to match. It pays homage to the municipality’s original name of Borboleta (“butterfly”).

  8. São Paulo, since 1987

    Offset crosses are usually associated with Scandinavia, but another place you can find them is Brazil. Many of them seem to be influenced by the cross of the Order of Christ, which is often shown with one arm longer than the others, especially on medals and decorations.

    (designer: Lauro Ribeiro Escobar)

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    Soccer Nations Dogs -Dogs wearing their countries football jersey with the colors of the flag in the background.

    Sure, why not.

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  10. the-two-germanys:

    Flags of the Americas.

    The Flags of the World: Their History, Blazonry and Associations

    F. Edward Hulme
    London: Frederick Warne & Co., 1892.

  11. Sergipe, 1920-1937, since 1952

    The flag of Sergipe is one of three Brazilian state flags base on the short-lived provisional flag of the Republic used from 15 November to 19 November 1889 (the other two being Piauí and Goiás). The first proposal had four stars and four stripes, representing four major estuaries in the state. A fifth star was added for a fifth estuary in 1920 but the number of stripes remained the same. Kind of like the estuary version of the American flag.

    (designer: José Rodrigues Bastos Coelho)

  12. Minas Gerais, since the 1930s

    "Freedom, Albeit Late."

  13. Mato Grosso, 1890-1929, since 1943

    This flag was inspired by Brazil’s first republican flag (which was adopted only a couple of months earlier). The symbolism is pretty clear: it’s the national flag with the colours mixed around and the night sky replaced by a single state star. The flag was abolished for most of the Vargas Era, but it doesn’t seem like it was replaced by anything.

    (designer: Antônio Maria Coelho)

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    Instagrammers Capture Protests in Brazil

    Thousands gathered in Brazil’s largest cities starting over the weekend and running through tonight to protest what started as a fight against bus-fare increases and has evolved into one of the biggest movements since the nation’s military dictatorship ended in 1985. Protesters are voicing frustration about a variety of issues, including inflation, government corruption, tax rates and the cost and delays associated with next year’s World Cup soccer tournament.

    In São Paulo, thousands took to Avenida Paulista to march and wave Brazilian flags. In Rio de Janeiro, marchers stormed Avenida Rio Branco. In Brasilía, protesters danced atop the roof of the Congresso Nacional. To view more photos, visit the #vemprarua and #protestorj hashtags.

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    By me :)

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