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    A soldier at Fire Support Base Anne with the state flag of California.

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  4. Sean McGuire
    Elaine Gray
    Pablo Serrano


    The Gang’s All Queer

    gays with their respective flags, validating territory as theirs too.

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    "An Awesome Place to Live"

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    Next up in the 31 day challenge - Inspired by a Flag! I’ve lived in California my whole life so I figured I’d give our state flag, The Bear Flag, a try! My bear is more of a pig-bear, but I’m still happy with how these turned out 😊 more at www.wondrouslypolished.com

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    Today I saw a version of the flag of Chula Vista, California that looked like the top image, which I made and which is similar to another version I found on the Internet. The one that I saw was likely faded some from the sun, yet there were two different colors for the seal and the band across the bottom. The proportions were different than the version posted on the Wikipedia page for Chula Vista, the second of the two images above.

    My search for information about the flag of Chula Vista led to a deep dive into city flags, leading to the twenty-three preceding posts. (Bhutan is the only non-city in that group.) Posting flags to this blog is nothing new, although I have only posted the following city flags before tonight: Portland, Oregon; Hagi, Japan (one of my favorite flags); an alteration of the flag of San Francisco; and, San Diego.

  8. Jefferson, proposed

    Back in 1941, rural residents along the California-Oregon border decided to secede from their respective states and form a new state called Jefferson. The region’s mining and logging industries were desperately in need of improved roads, and locals felt ignored by their state representatives. Though they never adopted a flag, the secessionists did have a state seal: an old-timey miner’s pan inscribed with two Xs (they had been “double crossed”, y’see). At first the movement was getting a lot of attention from the press, but the attack on Pearl Harbor diverted everyone’s attention away from the issue, and the Jefferson statehood movement just sort of dwindled away.

    But regional identity remained strong, and some time in the last couple of decades (the ’90s maybe?) people started flying a “state flag” based on the original miner’s pan seal. Now the secession movement is being rekindled. In the past couple of weeks both Siskiyou and Modoc countries have voted to split off from California, and Shasta county (home to the region’s largest city) is said to be considering a vote in the next couple of months. Could we be witnessing the birth of a new state? Well, no. Not really. Should be fun to watch though.

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    California Republic.

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    Downtown San Francisco, CA


    The flag of California was adopted on 3 February 1911.

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    Newport Beach, CA

    June 2012