1. President of Equatorial Guinea, 1986 proposal

    Equatorial Guinea has never had a presidential standard, but a couple of them were floated in the 1980s. The flag has the silk-cotton tree from the coat of arms, with three stars to represent President Obiang Nguema’s colonel rank.

    (designers: Tomas Rodriguez and Antonio Manzano)

  2. Wele-Nzas (?)

    From time to time weird unsourced flags show up on Wikipedia. Earlier this year, a user named EG111111 uploaded flags for each of the seven provinces of Equatorial Guinea, listing only “Own work” as their source. 

    This one is the most conventional, and the easiest one for me to convert to vector image. Some of the others are… well, see for yourself. Where did they come from? Did EG11111 invent them or document real world flags? I’m guessing it’s the former, but it’s tough to say one way or another. Just another reason why you should be wary of Wikipedia.

    (designer: EG111111 [?])

  3. Equatorial Guinea (1973-1979)

    In 1973, President Francisco Macías Nguema modified the flag of Equatorial Guinea in 1973, replacing the old emblem (which was derived from the Spanish colonial coat of arms) with a new one. The emblem, consisting of a rooster on top of a collection of tools, employed the symbolism of Macías Nguema’s United National Workers’ Party. In 1979, the president’s nephew, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo took power in a coup and restored the old flag.

    Today is Obiang’s birthday. He still rules as Africa’s longest-serving dictator.