2. maro-polo:

    maybe one of my absolute favorite cards from Heidrun in Aachen Germany

  3. An embossed postcard commemorating the 50th anniversary of the union between Kingdom of Greece (left) and the United States of the Ionian Islands (right). The 150th anniversary of the union went by in May.

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  5. Greece, 1822-1828 merchant flag

    A blue cross on white was far and away the most popular Greek flag during the War of Independence. But when the First National Assembly selected the national flag in 1822, they chose a white cross on blue. The older flag did live on in the canton of this civil ensign, but it was replaced by the striped sea flag in 1828.

  7. Former USSR
    Former USSR
    Cuban Flag
    Cuban Flag
    French Flag
    French Flag
    Ukrainian Flag
    Ukrainian Flag
    Flag of Greece
    Flag of Greece


    Okay I think this will be all for tonight….

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  9. vexillogicallyspeaking:

    Okay, so I was just playing call of duty and as usual, I’ve been distracted by flags. Anyone know if these are based in reality, or are they entirely fictional? Might have to post this on r/vex if no-one knows!

    I’ll do you one better: here’s a picture of the actual flagpole

    What you’re looking at is the flag of the Greek Orthodox Church on the left and the pre-1970 flag of Greece on the right. 

  10. cecato:

    Athena - Old man & Flag

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    #flags (Taken with instagram)

  14. david-reeves:

    “Overrun Countries: Greece”, 1943 US postage stamp.

    Some day, lad, all this will be yours…

  15. adamthenorman:

    Flag of the monks in Mount Athos, Greece.