1. Central America, 1825-1838

    September 15 is Independence Day in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. And if you’ve ever wondered why all those countries have such similar looking flags, it’s because they were all once part of the same country. The Federal Republic of Central America only lasted for 15 years, but all five successor states kept using the blue-white-blue tricolour. 

    There were tweaks of course, but they were usually minimal. El Salvador and Nicaragua’s flags are nearly indistinguishable from each other and from the original flag. They both even still say “America Central” on them. Meanwhile Honduras literally just kept flying the old Central American flag for another 30 years. Today Costa Rica’s is the most different; they added a big red stripe during the Revolutions of 1848.

    (designer: Louis-Michel Aury)

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    Flags of the Americas.

    The Flags of the World: Their History, Blazonry and Associations

    F. Edward Hulme
    London: Frederick Warne & Co., 1892.

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  4. Maya (c. 1998)

    Well the world didn’t come to an end today, but don’t blame the Maya; their only sin was having an easily misinterpreted calendar system.

    The ancient Maya didn’t have flags, but there are still millions of Maya people living in Central America. This flag was reported as being used by the Maya of Guatemala in 1998. The four triangles were said to represent the sky (blue), the sun (yellow), fire (red), and peace (white). 

  5. Guatemala (1851-1858)

    In 1851, the Conservatives under Rafael Carrera took power in Guatemala and added red and yellow (symbolizing traditional Spanish values) to the country’s blue and white horizontal tricolour. In 1858 they moved the new (old) colours to an even more prominent position in the centre of the flag.

    In 1871, Carrera’s successor was overthrown by the Liberal Miguel García Granados. One of his first acts was to adopt a new blue and white tricolour, this time with vertical stripes to distinguish it from other Central American flags. His design has remained the country’s flag since.

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    So I was playing this game, and god damnit, if these flags didn’t bug the hell out of me. Only one I, for reasons unknown to myself, I was able to pick out everytime was Honduras (not Guatemala, the only one that is noticably different).

    Bloody hell, two of the flags even have the eye of providence in them.

    You should count yourself lucky that this game was made in the 21st century and not in the 19th. There was a time when all five Central American republics had nearly identical horizontal blue-white-blue tricolours.

    Guatemala (1839-1843)

    * * * 

    Costa Rica (1842-1848)

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