1. Hawaii, since 1845

    The classic story about the Hawaiian flag is that it was a combination of the American and British flags, designed to appease both countries during the period when the kingdom had informal relations with both. But according to contemporary news articles, the red white and blue stripes actually pay tribute to France, which along with Great Britain recognized Hawaii as an independent state in 1843.

    (designer: Henry Samuel Hunt)

  2. Honolulu, since 1960

    The flag of Honolulu includes the shield from the Great Seal of Hawaii, which was based on the coat of arms of the old Kingdom of Hawaii. The only change was the escutcheon in the centre. It used to contain a feathered royal standard called a kahili between two crossed paddles. After Sanford Dole overthrew Queen Liliuokalani and declared a republic in 1893, those royal symbols were replaced by a single gold star. Nowadays that star is said to represent Hawaii’s star on the American flag.

    (designer: Charles Tyng)

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  5. Hawaii (Governor’s flag, 1959-Present)

    U.S. Governors often have radically different flags from the states that they govern, North Dakota being a prominent example. The big old “HAWAII” right in the centre of this flag is a bit tacky, but otherwise its a pretty nice looking design.

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    flag from the reign of queen lilioukalani, before the overthrow of the hawaiian kingdom

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