1. Budapest, 1873 proposal

    Up until 2011, Budapest’s flag was a red-yellow-blue tricolour. But apparently the original idea was to have a second tricolour inside that tricolour. I shudder to imagine how deep this tricolour rabbit hole might have eventually gone.

    (designer: Lajos Friedrich)

  3. "One heart, one will - Forward to victory!"

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  4. Hungary, 1949-1956

    Hungary actually just had a plain tricolour for most of the Cold War, but during the reign of Mátyás Rákosi there was a classic Communist emblem on there, one designed by Rákosi himself. In the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, the revolutionaries cut the emblem out of the flag, and the tricolour with a hole in it became the symbol of the uprising.

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  10. Uganda Independence Day 2012
    Israel Independence Day 2012
    Turkish National Day 2011
    Panama Independence Day 2012
    Sri Lanka Independence Day 2013
    Ghana Independence Day 2012
    Hungary Republic Day 2010
    Albania Independence Day 2012
    Veterans Day 2012
    National Liberation Day of Korea 2010

    Google doodles! You may not realize this, but Google shows you different doodles based on what country you’re in. Here are some of the great flag-based doodles they’ve done over the past couple of years.

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  12. Austria-Hungary (Civil ensign, 1869-1918)

    I’m heading off on a trip to Austria and Hungary (whoo!), so I figured this would be an appropriate flag to post. The civil ensign of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was a combination of the Austrian and Hungarian tricolours. It’s often shown as the “flag of Austria-Hungary”, but there was no single state flag for the entire empire. The Austrian half used the black-yellow Hapsburg bicolour, while the Hungarian half had its own flag.

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