1. maro-polo:

    maybe one of my absolute favorite cards from Heidrun in Aachen Germany

  2. Ambassadors of Chile

    I imagine the Chilean Ambassador to Iceland must get a lot of confused looks.

  3. Regent of Iceland, 1941-1944

    During Denmark’s occupation, Sveinn Björnsson acted as Regent in Iceland and exercised the powers of the King. His standard was the swallowtailed state flag with a gold R in the centre. In 1944, Sveinn became Iceland’s first President.

  4. artandanime:

    done painting the clay!!
    now we just have to go to a craft store to get either pins, or magnets.

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  5. whileisteppedoutside:

    Iceland, Snæfellsnes, 06.2012

  7. Iceland (proposed, 1914)

    Iceland didn’t have a flag before 1915. The locals back then flew an unofficial blue and white Nordic cross known as the Hvítbláinn (“white-blue”) but the king refused to endorse it because it was too similar to the flag of Greece. In 1914, the Althing came back with two proposals, one of which was the current flag and one of which was the flag shown above.

    I like this design a lot but boy is it ever… icy. I mean it really makes Iceland look like a cold ass place. It’s interesting to think what would have happened if it had been adopted though. Presumably Finland would have chosen something different when it picked its flag a few years later.

  10. Harris & Ewing. Catt, Mrs. Carrie Chapman. With Flags of 22 Nations. 1917 (Library of Congress LC-DIG-hec-08297)

    Okay now this is totally fucking rad. 

    On one of my regular trawls through the Library of Congress (as part of my real job) I stumbled across this photo of the women’s suffrage leader Carrie Chapman Catt standing next to a collection of flags. That’s kind of cool in its own right, but there are two specific flags in there that make it even cooler: The flag of the Konbaung Dynasty of Burma (second row, second from the right), and the Falcon flag of Iceland (top row, third from the right).

    Now I’ve seen drawings and descriptions of both of these flags, but I have never seen real photographs of them. I’m pretty sure all the images online are reconstructions based on second-hand sources. These are actual photographs! How cool is that?

    Also on display in this image: A British South Africa Company ensign, A British Indian ensign, the United Tribes of New Zealand flag (or something like it), an early version of the flag of Wales, the 1868-1921 Canadian red ensign, what I think might be the 1871-1918 civil flag of Oldenburg, an Irish patriotic flag, the 48-star United States flag, and a dozen more.

    Seriously this is such an awesome image. I can’t even DEAL.

  11. fizzyfishes:

    i guess people liked these a whole lot when i sent them to anya???

    well, here they are on my page! these are just perler beads (wax beads that you fuse together with an iron)

    if anyone wants to little pattern thing for these, let me know!

    i’ll probably have more of these made as the week goes on!

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