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    Jamaica! Jamaica!

  3. Jamaica, 1957-1962

    Before 1962, Jamaica’s coat of arms contained the Latin phrase INDUS UTERQUE SERVIET UNI, meaning “The Two Indias will serve one Master”. The Jamaicans figured that this was an inappropriate motto for an independent country, so they changed it to “Out of Many, One People”.

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  6. The National Library of Jamaica has posted some 50-year old proposals for the Jamaican flag. It’s interesting how many of them use a blue-yellow-black colour scheme, and how none of them use the green-yellow-black that was eventually chosen.

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    Minimalist flags.

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    The most common combination of colors in flags is Red, White and Blue, forming the colors of 30 states.

    The three colors, of course, are extremely common all across the board. In fact so much so that there are only three national flags (in use) that have no red, white or blue in them. They are Jamaica, Cocos Islands/Keeling Islands (a territory of Australia), and Mauritania. As you might remember, Libya used to have an all-green flag, but it was taken out of use last year as the rebels reinstated the old flag of Libya.

  13. Jamaica (Proposal, 1962)

    A flag contest was launched in Jamaica as the country was gearing up for independence in 1961. The winning design was chosen on 6 June 1962 and submitted to the British Admiralty Office for approval. But the Admiralty rejected it for being too similar to the flag of newly-independent Tanganyika. The parliamentary committee tasked with choosing the flag rearranged the colours of the rejected design into a new pattern, creating the modern Jamaican flag.

    I’m glad Jamaica ended up with the flag it has, but I wonder if the Admiralty would have been so quick to reject this proposal if they had known that Tanganyika was going to disappear within the next two years.