1. opticalboxmemory:

    Four Flags / someone on I-40, New Mexico / July 2012

  2. roadtrippostcards:

    ….New Mexico!

  3. takethestarsforyourself:

    Yay! #Me #newmexico #rodeo #flag #Simon

  4. onefishdotnet:

    Taos Plaza - Taos, NM

    Photographer: Me

  5. Roswell (1996-Present) 

    I suspect this flag might have been designed on an Atari 2600.

  6. (Source: sunburntwest)

  7. Albuquerque (1969-Present)

    Is it just me or does this flag look crazy communist? Like, I get that it’s a dove symbol and not a hammer and sickle but the resemblance is uncanny. It makes me wonder how this flag could have possibly been adopted in the middle of the cold war.

    Looks pretty cool in any case. They lose points for putting the city name right there on the flag but gain a few back for using an excellent font.