1. xianjiro:

    While not alone, there is a movement to change New Zealand’s flag - ostensibly, to one that looks less like its large neighbor and maybe doesn’t include such a bold reference to its colonial past. Prime Minister John Key has promised a referendum on the flag.

    Do you know which is the current flag in this picture? Which one do you like?

    My top three are Row1right, Row3left, Row3centre

    photo from The Encyclopedia of New Zealand


  3. Portuguese, Spanish, and New Zealand Olympic Teams, 1980

    As part of the US-led boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics, three countries participated under their Olympic Committee’s flag. While Spain and Portugal incorporated elements from their national flags, New Zealand went with the silver fern.

  4. New Zealand (proposed)

    Prime Minister John Key wants to have a referendum on changing the national flag. His preference is a black flag with a silver fern on it, which would would look something like the above image. The current blue ensign has been around for quite some time (since 1869), but the silver fern is pretty old itself. It was being used as a national symbol at least as early as the Second Boer War.

  5. New Zealand (proposed), 2000

    Okay actually this one is kind of ingenious.

    (designer: Aaron NIcholson)

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  7. wonderful-strange:

    Topps “Flags of the World” trading cards, 1950’s.

    The scene for the Philippines is a bit grizzly.

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  10. New Zealand (ensign), 1867-1869

    Now here’s a surefire way to avoid being confused with Australia.

  11. Australasian Olympic Team, 1908-1912

    Australia and New Zealand competed as a single team at the 1908 London and 1912 Stockholm Olympics. Their flag was a blue ensign with the Southern Cross under a Tudor Crown. When the Olympics resumed after World War I, both countries competed separately.

  12. New Zealand Police (?-Present)

    The New Zealand Police have a weird blue ensign where the flag in the top left corner is the New Zealand flag instead of the British flag, but since the New Zealand flag is itself a blue ensign, this means that there’s a tiny 1/16th size British flag up there in the corner of the flag. Looks positively puny compared to the badge.

  13. neillheartsyou:

    i love this flag, new zealand’s ministry of transport flag

    it’s so silly

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  14. The limited edition packaging
    The Union Flag
    Australia (sorry it's so bad!)
    New Zealand
    Czech Republic
    Faroe Islands


    M&M’s Flags, Part 1

    This year, Mars brought out limited edition red, white, and blue peanut M&M’s to celebrate the jubilee and the Olympics and general Britishness. It got me wondering… How many countries could Mars flog this product to?

    I attempted 21 of a possible 30, the following NOT being included, as they were too hard:

    • Cambodia
    • Costa Rica
    • Croatia
    • Dominican Republic
    • Luxembourg (same layout as the Netherlands flag, but different shade of blue)
    • Nepal
    • Paraguay
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia

    Sorry for the rubbish quality.

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  15. Australia and NZ flags after Scotland’s independence?


    If Scotland became independent, what would happen to Australia and New Zealand’s flags (since their designs have the Union Jack, which uses a blue background and white saltire to represent Scotland)?

    Nothing. Australia and New Zealand are fully independent countries and they can have any flag they want. They would have the option of altering their flag, but they wouldn’t have to if they didn’t want to (and if they were going to go through the trouble of changing their flags it would probably be to something entirely different.)

    I also don’t imagine the United Kingdom would change its flag even if Scotland gained independence. The Union Flag is a classic design with a lot of history behind it, and from what I understand it’s pretty well-loved in Britain.