1. Trois-Rivières, since 1984

    June 8 is the anniversary of the Battle of Trois-Rivières, where British forces fought off the Continental Army and effectively brought an end to the invasion of Quebec. I wonder if they’d have a better flag if the Americans had won.

    (designer: Pierre Rivard)

  2. Nunavik (proposed), 2013

    A bold proposal for the flag of Nunavik (an Inuit region in northern Quebec) made the news up north last week. There’s a lot of symbolism packed in here so I’ll let the designer explain in his own words:

    The logo is based on and inspired from natural elements in Nunavik such as animals and the thriving co-existence of different creatures living in the same area. A shape of a bird with feathers reaching the sky indicate self-governance and freedom, the large wings show strength, the number of feathers correlate with the number of communities in Nunavik, both sides of the shape are symmetric promoting equality, and the dot represent a head and a mind fully supported by the body.

    Two sides of the top part contain 5 fingers each as do our hands, the symbol can be seen as a person reaching upwards to pull himself up and forward. The shape is also inspired by caribou antlers growing alongside one another so they may be able to secure the caribou’s life.

    I like this a whole lot. I think it’s one of the best pieces of flag design I’ve seen in ages. It feels almost like an Inuit version of Japanese logo-based flag design. Very striking, very unique, and I think it would look great up on a flagpole.

    (designer: Thomassie Mangiok)

  3. Champlain’s Ship" by Eduardo Fonseca Arraes.

    Quebec City's flag was adopted on 3 February 1987.

  4. Patriotes (1832-1838)

    21 January is Flag Day in Quebec, but the iconic Fleurdelisé wasn’t Quebec’s first flag. In the 19th century the Parti patriote adopted a green-white-red tricolour as a national flag for the French-speaking population of Lower Canada. The flag was banned by the British authorities after the Lower Canada Rebellion

  5. Derio (2004-Present)

    Derio is a small municipality in the Greater Bilbao area, notable for one thing: shamelessly ripping off Quebec. I’m on to you, Derio.

  6. nationalpost:

    The Canadian flag is simple. Iconic. Sewn to countless backpacks for grand adventures. But our provincial flags? Cluttered messes sewn to nothing by no one going nowhere. Over the next few weeks Steve Murray will be redesigning the flags and you’ll get to vote as to whether the old flag stays or goes!

    Meanwhile, you can share opinions on our current flags at smurray@national post, or on Twitter at #npflags.

  7. It was Flag Day in Quebec on Saturday! I can see why they’re so proud of it over there; it’s definitely one of the most beautiful flags around. I wish Ontario’s flag was this good.


    Saturday, January 21, 2012

    I saw this when I was riding my bike to work in the morning. I was running a bit late but I totally had to stop to take a few photos of this randomness.