1. There were a couple of countries at World Pride this year.

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    Happy Pride Month! Check here for a small sampling of Pride events taking place all over the world, and stay tuned all month for more Pride photos, recaps and more! 

    World Pride in TO this week! Fuckin’ stoked!

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    fly your flag….

    Found Objects, ‘Smash’, Dundas W, The Junction, Toronto.

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  5. (Source: www1.toronto.ca)

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    The #toronto #flag is kind of awesome. I want a t-shirt. #cityhall #latergram

  7. Toronto, since 1974

    Goin’ out to the Pride Parade in Toronto today. Figured it’d be a good day to show some pride in Toronto.

    The white lines on the flag recall the iconic shape of City Hall. And they also spell out a T… kinda. 

    (designer: Rene De Santis)

  8. Cabbagetown

    The Toronto neighbourhood of Cabbagetown has its own flag, a green version of the Canadian flag with a big ol’ head of cabbage instead of a maple leaf. As a designer of ultra-local Toronto flags myself, I have to approve.

    By the way, if you’re ever in Toronto, you should visit Cabbagetown! It’s lovely. One of the prettiest neighbourhoods in the city.

  9. Toronto Maple Leafs (unofficial)

    It’s playoff season, which means the whole city of Toronto is going hockey crazy. As I’ve been walking around town, I’ve been seeing Maple Leafs flags flying all over. There are actually a whole bunch of different designs, but this one is by far the coolest. It takes the Canadian flag and gives it a Toronto coat of paint.

  10. Yonge Street
    Ossington Avenue
    Eglinton Avenue
    Vaughan Road
    St. George Street
    Davenport Road
    Parliament Street

    The Toronto Street Flags I designed for Spacing were featured in the Toronto Star today. I’ve put the 22 of the flags I’ve made so far up on my website.

  11. The good folks at Spacing have put my Toronto street flags up on their blogGo check it out! Love these guys.

  12. Metropolitan Toronto (?-1997)

    Before Amalgamation, Toronto was a two-tier municipality, with Metropolitan Toronto being the upper level. Metro’s logo was made up of six interlocking rings, representing Etobicoke, YorkScarborough, North York, East York, and the old City of Toronto.

    I’m not quite sure when this flag was adopted, but I live like ten minutes from the city archives so I could probably figure it out if I wasn’t such a lazy jerk.

  13. Attention Torontonians! The winter issue of Spacing Magazine comes out today and it features a bunch of flags I designed for the city’s streets and community councils. If you’re in town then go and pick up a copy. Not only will you get to see some totally sweet flags (if I do say so myself) but you will also get to see some totally sweet articles on urban design. HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY GO WRONG.

  14. Casa Loma main hall
    Reception hall
    Sir Pellatt's Suite
    View of Toronto
    Casa Loma Gardens
    Conservatory ceiling



    (Source: stephandcraig)