1. v1olentwaves:

    Foreign cupcakes

  2. minishakira:

    yummy cake !

  3. sparkle-is-my-favorite-color:

    so my friend and i made this cake today and it is gorgeous!

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  4. vexillophile:

    The flagfood images seem to be plentiful this evening. I just wish I could reach them…


    While taking a sick day from work, this is what I stumbled across in the refrigerator… Couple these with a nice cold glass of milk on a 100 degree+ day like today= bliss!

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  7. This Australia cake is so awesome that I’m officially expanding my flag cupcake life goal to include all flag-based baked goods.


    Happy Australia Day!!!

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  8. My new life goal is to find flag cupcakes for every country.

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