1. Los Angeles County, since 1967

    LA County has a pretty excellent seal, but that flag, yeesh. Light blue over greenish-blue just ain’t a good look.

    (designer: Kenneth Hahn)

  3. Malaysia, 2012 proposal

    A couple of years ago, some demonstrators caused a minor stir on Malaysia’s Independence Day by unfurling their proposal for a new national flag. They called it the Sang Saka Malaya (“Sacred Malaya”) flag and claimed it was the original flag of Malaya before the introduction of the American-inspired Jalur Gemilang (“Stripes of Glory”).

    This is in fact something of a revival of an earlier proposal for a national flag created in the 1940s by the Young Malays Union. The party advocated for the creation of a independent republic and the union of Malaysia and Indonesia, hence their use of the Indoneisan red and white bicolour. However, the flag used back then had twelve stars in the canton, not a crescent and star. The version pictured above was only created in 2007. Not exactly “original”.

    (designer: Mohd Najwan Halimi)

  4. flaquivurus:

    Tricolor on Flickr.

  5. Czech Republic, 1990-1992

    Czech readers will be forgiven if they don’t recognize this one. After the Velvet Revolution, the two federal components of Czechoslovakia adopted national symbols. Slovakia went with its tricolour and the Czech Republic used the traditional flag of Bohemia.

    It didn’t really catch on for a few reasons: For one thing it looked just like the Polish flag and no one felt any real connection to it. But also the Czech population tended to be more in favour of federalism, so they mostly just flew the Czechoslovakian flag. 

    The plan for dissolution was that both new countries would use their new national symbols, but no one was really happy with the bicolour. The Czech Republic spent a few months searching in vain for a unique flag, but they finally gave up just two weeks before independence and officially adopted the old flag of Czechoslovakia. 

  6. lsthatpaulrudd:

    Today I made a cake decorated like the Iran flag

    A friend asked me to make it for their friend’s birthday. 

    Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out! 

  7. Wallonia, since 1913

    27 September is the Day of the French Community of Belgium, which is distinct from the French-speaking Walloon Region. But both region and community use the red rooster of Wallonia as a national symbol.

    (designer: Pierre Paulus)

  8. This is a photo of some sort of national celebration in the Jebel Druze state, which was a part of the French mandate over Syria. You can see at the front the five-colour Druze flag and the French tricolour side by side. This would have been some time in the 1920s. 

    It’s kind of hard to make out, but this is the best period photo I’ve ever seen of a real life Jebel Druze flag. Mostly it’s just known from illustrations.

  9. Maori people, since 1990

    This is the Tino Rangatiratanga (or “absolute sovereignty”) flag of the Maori contest. It was selected after a 1989 design contest. The black and red represent the heavens and the earth, with the white standing for the physical world of light. 

    (designers: Hiraina Marsden, Jan Dobson, Linda Munn)

  10. The Royal Family of Raiatea, 1880

    (Source: commons.wikimedia.org)

  11. Kawartha Lakes, since 2009

    You know gradients on flags are never great, but this ain’t half bad for a small town. I think it could use a bit more room at the top but overall it’s a simple design that has a nice outdoorsy feel. Kinda looks like a decorative flag you’d by at Canadian Tire and then hang up at your cottage.

  13. New Caledonia, 2007-2009 sporting flag

    New Caledonia currently has two official flags: the French tricolour and the flag of the Kanak Socialist National Liberation Front (FLNKS)This flag, which was used by the team at the Pacifc Games in 2007 and the Pacific Mini Games in 2009 used the local kagu bird as a neutral third symbol. The colour scheme comes from the kagu’s distinctive gray plumage and dark red eyes. 

    Gray’s a rare flag colour, and where it is used it’s normally just as an accent colour. If New Caledonia were to adopt a gray and red tricolour it would be the first county to feature it this prominently.

  14. The royal barge “Vasaorden” during the celebration of H.M. King Gustav V of Sweden’s 80th birthday, 16 June, 1938. Photo: Gunnar Lundh.

    (Source: flickr.com)


  15. The flag on Jeddah’s new monster flagpole is going to weigh 570 kilograms.