1. creativesquirts:

    malaysian state flag map.


  2. flaghagz:

    Got a nice photo from Owen K the other day of this fine piece of a.r.t: Mappa by Alighiero Boetti.

    Owen is a photographer, so you can admire his great framing, with that equally colorful Matisse reflected in the North Atlantic Ocean, and the bright light coinciding directly with Canada’s…

    Another really obvious change on there is Namibia. It wasn’t independent yet so it’s just blank on the map.

    You can also just make out all the countries in the Federation of Arab Republics using basically the same flag. 

  3. cunning-use-of-flags:



    i love this . 







    This must be more than a few years old, since aside from lacking South Sudan, I spot the old Rwandan flag as well. Of course, Libya’s flag has also changed since then, but that’s even more recent.

    That pre-2001 Rwanda flag must be an error because the map also has the post-2006 DR Congo flag. Other slip-ups: no Burundi, no stripes on Liberia, and the Namibian sun looks wrong. Oh well, still cool.

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  4. fuckyeahgeographyalligator:

    I thought you might find this map interesting.

    Submitted by the tumblrless Meghan. Thanks!

    A map of the US states with flags of countries of comparable population.

  5. cartographymaps:

    Unknown, 1920, Flags, Funnels & Principal Steamship Lines