1. My blockmate owns this collection of flags that he created himself. And this is the first time, I met a person who is so obsessed with flags, countries and their capital.

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  3. There were a couple of countries at World Pride this year.

  4. "Here wave the flags of all the world," 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

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  5. from89:

    Multinational typeface morphs national flags into letter forms 

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  6. Dominican Air Force

    Jeez, look at all the flags on this one. You’ve got the civil ensign in the top left corner, the roundel (which is based on the national flag) on the bottom, and the coat of arms in the centre — which itself contains a shield of the national flag with four national flags crossed over it.

  7. mapsontheweb:

    Map of all Red White and Blue Flags

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  8. gulestan:

    This is a portion of my white board in my office. I used to utilize this board for work related activities. Now it’s been hijacked by my Office Manager and Accounting employee.
    The grid of flags started with just four: Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey. It was something I drew for fun on a lunch break. As of today, it has escalated to over 20 flags - flags of countries and parties, for one reason or another, the three of us identify with and/or support.

    And no way are we done.

  9. indikaprasanna:

    New Post has been published: 100 Free Flat Style Flags Icon Pack in PSD on Vector Arts Hub

    100 Free Flat Style Flags Icon Pack in PSD

    Muharrem Şenyıl created an awesome flat flags icon set for his own projects. We’re really lucky to have that flat flags icon set thanks to him. He decided to share it with us, maybe some of you can use it in your own projects. 

  10. WORLD PEACE GONG" by Fabio Gismondi

    21 September is the International Day of Peace.

  11. who-wore-it-better:

    Fred Wilson Flag Design for E Pluribus Unum  ::  Peter Doig Painting for Wall Painters (Prosperity P.o.S.)

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    When you get your own Eurovision birthday cake!

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