Flag Log's World Flag Chart

Site Updates

January 31st 2021 • Rearranged some chart sections and added the Red Cross, Red Crescent, and Red Crystal flags.
January 8th 2021 • Added notes to the 1918 chart.
January 6th 2021 • The entire site, including the historical charts, now sorts flags by geographic region and design rather than alphabetically. The aim is to give a more structured overview of the different kinds of flags of the world, and better illustrate the relationships between different flags. Notes will be gradually added to the pages before 1919 over the coming year.

Flag News

January 11th 2021 • The new Mississippi state flag was officially raised after being approved by voters in the 2020 Election. The new flag features a magnolia flower surrounded by 20 white stars (representing Mississippi's status as the 20th state to join the Union) with a golden star representing the indigenous peoples of the state. It replaced a flag which included the Confederate Battle Flag.
New flag of Mississippi
December 1st 2020 • On Antarctica Day, the True South flag was ceremonially raised by people on all seven contients. The flag, which was first made out of scraps of canvas tents during the 2018 Antarctic winter, has been promoted in the past year as flag for the entire contient. It is the first design for an Antarctic flag to see widespread usage in the real world.
True South flag of Antarctica